Dolby Premier Studio Awards: Mampukah FINAS DOLBY PREMIER MIXSTAGE tercalon?

1 Februari 2009 nanti, bangunan baru FINAS, iaitu Dolby Premier Mixstage akan dilancarkan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abd.Razak pada pukul 8.00 malam. Oleh itu, diharapkan nanti bangunan baru ini akan memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik buat pembikin filem tempatan mahupun antrabangsa. Di sini, saya sertakan serba sedikit info menarik mengenai Dolby Premier yang merupakan satu kualiti bunyi dolby yang paling terbaik di dunia. Dan mampukah studio milik FINAS ini akan mencipta sejarah seperti studio-studio Dolby Premier di Spain, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, dan Australia sebagai studio bunyi yang terbaik dan tercanggih di seluruh benua perfileman antarabangsa. Jika ya, syukur alhamdulliah.

Dolby Premier Studio Certifications
Dolby® Studio Feature Requirements Certification covers a wide range of studio sizes, equipment, and capabilities. Studios with this certification are able to produce a mix suitable for cinema release with the minimum standard of equipment required. However, film producers and directors often wish to identify those studios with superior equipment, acoustics, and competence for the production and mixing of their film sound.

Dolby Premier Studio Certification is a measure of technical excellence at every level of the studio’s operation. Room acoustics, monitoring standards (visual as well as audio), equipment selection, installation standards, synchronization accuracy, mixing competence, and technical experience are all measured and evaluated as part of the certification process. The standards are based on our research and the vast experience of studio engineers who have worked all over the world producing multichannel film soundtracks. We believe the exacting specifications will be a true measure of excellence, highly regarded by producers and directors.

Studios meeting the requirements of the Dolby Premier Studio Certification program will be identified on this Web page and on studio lists. They will be able to use a special logo in credits and advertising, and will receive a trophy and framed certificate. Details of the program will be widely distributed to major film producers.

Both existing Dolby Approved Studios and new dubbing studios can apply for Dolby Premier Studio Certification.

View a list of studios with Dolby Premier Studio Certification.

For more details about the program, please contact the Production Services Group. A manual and a special electronic calculator are available, which give all the necessary technical specifications and calculations, as well as step-by-step procedures for application.

Note: This program is not available in the US and Japan

Studio with Dolby Premier Studio Certifications

Best Digital

Best Digital
Valle de Belagua
29-Mártires 6
Boadilla del Monte


Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle
Mansfelder Straße 56
06108 Halle (Saale)


1 Mosfilmovskaya Street
Moscow 119991

Park Road Post Productions

141 Park Road
PO Box 15132
Miramar, Wellington
New Zealand


Film City Glasgow
11 Merryland Street
Glasgow G51 2QG
United Kingdom

Stage One Sound

Unit 3
706 Mowbray Road
Lane Cove
NSW 2066

Dolby Premier Mixstage Finas, Malaysia

* Insya-allah, saya harapkan satu hari nanti setelah beroperasinya studio ini dalam memberikan perkhidmatannya pada pelanggan, maka ia akan tercalon dalam kategori premier awards ini...

p/s: So.. kite jumpe esok di Hari Terbuka, Finas 2009..

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