The Making of Muallaf.. exclusive on 22 December 2009!!

Hello Everyone,

Hope this finds you well.

I have been informed by Orked Ahmad (Yasmin's sister) that Malaysia's TV3 or it's related free to air channels will be broadcasting The Making of Muallaf (20 mins)

When: Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Time: 6.00pm - 18h00m
Duration: 20 mins

Please check press/media/website for actual timing.

The Making of Muallaf includes behind-the-scene, interviews with the Cast & Crew of Muallaf. Yasmin is also interviewed.

Yasmin Ahmad's Muallaf opens in Malaysian cinemas from 24/12/2009 - x'mas eve.

Request- someone please record the show and post in on youtube for those who miss it or cannot receive TV3.

Thank you so much

p/s: Don't miss it!!

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