Ho Yuhang latest film... At the End of Daybreak!! now on cinema!!

Malaysian filmmaker, Ho Yuhang on the latest film 'At The End Of Daybreak' now showing at Malaysia cinema started by 1 April 2010 at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC International Screen). Please check GSC for timetable.

'At The End Of Daybreak', story about love. Tuck Chai (Tien You Chui) is a 23-year-old-boy who's dating Ying, a 15-year-old schoolgirl. Their parents know nothing about the illicit relationship up till Ying's parents find birth-control pills in her room. That's when their worlds begin to shatter. Tuck Chai lives with his mother as his father had left them for another woman. When Ying's parents was going to report Tuck Chai to the police, Tuck Chai's mother tried to negotiate with them by giving Ying's parents a huge sum of money which she have to borrow from her husband. However upon receiving the money from Tuck Chai's mother, Ying's parents decide to be greedy and report Tuck Chai to the police.

Malaysia released today!! 1 April 2010 on GSC only.

Official trailer

p/s: Pete Teo Composed all music in this movie.. Story so interesting!! let's go to cinema now!!
next film review - At The End Of Daybreak.. coming soon!!

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