From Independent Director... The Joshua Tapes, on Malaysian Cinema 30 September 2010!!!

The Joshua Tapes is a story of friendship, truth and redemption, and of how the search for these things sometimes hurt, but ultimately heals us all.

The Joshua Tapes tells the story of three young men as they set off on a road trip that takes them through the heartland of Malaysia. Mounting Reza’s Pajero, they head to the scenic East Coast, hoping to take in the sights as they go along.

As their journey takes a series of unpredictable turns and their own inner demons close in on them, the bonds of friendship that hold the boys together will be tested to the breaking point, leading them down a road of self-discovery…

start from 30 September 2010

1st Trailer

2nd Trailer

p/s: Salam Raya for you guys!!!

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