The 6th Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) Ceremony took place at Zepp KL and ended perfectly yesterday (July 29). This 7-day film festival (MIFFest) has attracted countless film lovers, filmmakers and movie fans to participate in it. Among them, many wonderful films, forums and masterclasses were held during the period, which benefited many people who have huge passion in the film industry.

Since the film festival has come to the end, the audiences can't wait to be announced who are the winners of the Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) 2023. Many local and international superstars and artists gathered here, such as Sylvia Chang, James Wen, Ye Ji Won, Stephanie Arianne, Jack Tan, etc. Of course, the president of the jury this year, the Hong Kong director Johnnie To also attended.

First of all, congratulations to the big winner of this year at the MIFFest - 'Autobiography'! The film is directed by Indonesian director Makbul Mubarak. It won 5 awards this year, including Best Film Award, Best Director Award, Best Supporting Actor Award, Best Cinematography Award, and Best Screenplay Award. AUTOBIOGRAPHY is an excellent, original first feature that boldly captures in a powerful way to the corruption and lies. Overall, the jury is very impressed with this year's selection and we look forward to the future works of these young talented breed of filmmakers.

This time, director Johnnie To came to present the Best Film Award to the awarded film ‘Autobiography’, and he said: "I'm very happy to have this experience to cooperate with every jury member. We selected the winning film in the shortest time. I think a good film can show the truth and beauty of human nature."

In addition, the Best Actor Award went to Darío Grandinetti who’s from Argentina. He played the role as Carlos in 'Let the Dance Begin', and his natural and skillful acting skills resonated with the public. At the same time, Chieko Baisho, a very experienced actress from Japan, won the Best Actress Award this year for her performance in 'Plan 75' directed by Chie Hayakawa.

For the Best Supporting Actor Award, Arswendy Bening Swara from Indonesia, he played the role of Purna very dedicatedly in 'Autobiography'; and the Best Supporting Actress Award was presented to Stefanie Arianne by James Wen and Jack Tan, which the film ‘Plan 75' she played as a Filipino laborer named Maria, and she performed amazingly. Next, the Audience Choice Award was won by the local film 'Adoiii Jiwaku'. This film is directed by the actor Steve Yap, and it was his directorial debut. The elements between the 3 local races, humorously presented the contradictions, conflicts, and misunderstandings between races, and shows the spirit of 1 Malaysia. 

The New Hope Award refers to the award for films that convey positive and hopeful meanings. It was won by 'Plan 75' directed by director Hayakawa. The message brought out in this film messages to the audience the meaning of life and existence. On the other hand, the Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to the internationally renowned actress - Sylvia Chang. She was presented by the MIFFest president, Joanne Goh. She said: "I still remember the first time I stepped into the film industry 52 years ago, and I knew I love it. I’m so grateful to have a group of people who always support me. So, I keep reminding myself to be humble. No matter win or lose, we have to make sure we give our best. Thank you all."

The audiences who participated in this event all expressed their expectation to MIFFest in the next coming year. They ‘re looking forward to the organizer to bring more wonderful films from local and even global. Of course, the Open Air Cinema programme is wildly popular among local audiences. The audiences have enjoyed their refreshing experiences during it, as well as the knowledge-rich forums and masterclasses that have benefited the film-enthusiasts.

The list of the 6th MGGA Winners: 

Best Film Award: 'Autobiography' 

Best Director Award: Makbul Mubarak (Autobiography)

Best Actor Award: Darío Grandinetti (Let the Dance Begin)

Best Actress Award: Chieko Baisho (Plan 75)

Best Supporting Actor Award: Arswendy Bening Swara  (Autobiography)

Best Supporting Actress Award: Stefanie Arianne (Plan 75)

Best Cinematography Award: Wojciech Staroń (Autobiography)

Best Screenplay Award: Makbul Mubarak (Autobiography)

Audience Choice Award: 'Adoiii Jiwaku' 

New Hope Award: 'Plan 75' 

Lifetime Achievement Award: Sylvia Chang 

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