Japanese Film Festival 2009... kini kembali

Mulai 18 hingga 22 Jun 2009 (Kuala Lumpur) dan 26 hingga 28 Jun 2009 (Penang), Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) akan mengadakan tayangan filem-filem terbaik sempena Japanese Film Festival 2009. Bagi anda yang sememangnya meminati filem-filem dari negara matahari terbit itu, lekaslah serbu ke GSC Mid Valley dan 1 Utama ( jika anda di KL) serta GSC Gurney Plaza (Penang) untuk mengikuti perkembangan terkini mengenai filem-filem yang bakal ditayangkan di pawagam tersebut. Ayuh.. kita ikuti apa yang menarik mengenai 8 buah filem yang bakal ditayangkan mulai 18 hingga 28 Jun 2009 di GSC sempena Japanese Film Festival 2009.


Departures (PG-13)
Human Drama Category
Director: Takita Yojiro

Daigo was a cellist in an orchestra which had just been dissolved. Suddenly thrown out onto the streets without a job and no hope for life, Daigo decides to go back to his hometown with his wife. He soon starts working as a “Nokanshi” (Encoffiner). Cleaning up the body, placing the dead into the coffin, and sending the dead to the next world.

Paco And The Magical Book (U)
Fantasy Category
Director by: Nakashima Tetsuya

There was a hospital where the patients and even doctors & nurses are all weird. Above all, Onuki, a patient who builds up his company all by himself from scratch, is a super cranky old man. One day, he meets a girl called Paco, who cannot retain memory beyond one day due to a car accident. She is reading the same picture book everyday.

All Around Us (U)
Human Drama
Director by: Hashiguchi Ryosuke

At work, Kanao, a courtroom portrait artist, silently observes the highest profile crimes and scandals of the 1990s. At home in joys of marriage, he quietly observes his wife’s first pregnancy. When their child dies, the couple is shaken by the tragedy but Kanao manages to stand by his wife as she sinks into depression.

Always - Sunset On Third Street 2 (U)
Drama (Family) Category

Director by: Yamazaki Takashi

Spring of 1959. Chagawa still thinks of Hiromi who took off without a word, while taking care of Junnosuke, a boy Hiromi left. One day, Junnosuke’s biological father shows up to take back his son. In order to keep Junnosuke with him, Chagawa has to promise to give the boy a decent life. Chagawa starts writing again to win the Akutagawa award, a once abandoned hope.'

After School (U)
Suspense Comedy

Director by : Uchida Kenji

A stranger gives Kitazawa, a private investigator, the photograph of Kimura meeting secretly with a woman, and tells the detective to find him. Kitazawa goes to the high school from which Kimura graduated, and there meets Jinno, a teacher who was once his classmate. It happens that Jinno is also looking for Kimura, who disappeared the day before

Breathe In, Breathe Out (U) Youth Category Film Director by: Shinohara Tetsuo

Seeking a fresh start in life, Hinami applies for a part-time job cutting sugarcane on a plantation in Okinawa. She soon finds herself working with other young men and women on a remote island. Their task is to harvest all 70,000 sugarcane plants by the end of March, but the demanding physical labor and the experienced Yutaka’s leadership soon causes problems.

How To Become Myself (U)
Youth Category Film
Directed by: Ichikawa Jun

Kanako, who used to be a popular girl but has been bullied lately, tells Juri that the girl she is now is not her true self. The two become high school students. Having heard that Kanako has changed school, Juri starts sending her e-mail stories about a girl with tips to be popular with others. Kanako copies the girl in the story and becomes popular, but starts feeling perplexed at falsifying herself.

The Bandage Club (PG13)
Youth Category Film
Directed by: Tsutsumi Yukihiko

A high school girl, Wara, looks cheerful, but she conceals darkness deep in her mind. On a sudden impulse, she nearly climbs over a fence on the hospital roof, but Dino, an unacquainted boy, persuades her otherwise. Concerned about Wara, Dino tethers one end of her wrist bandage to the fence. Wara feels comforted and comes up with an idea to form "Bandage Club".

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