Exclusive Message from Natrah & upcoming Nadra Film!!!


A message from Maria Hertogh to the many young people in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore who have come to know about her story from their parents or from history books. This message recorded in The Netherlands in May 2009.

Remembering Natrah by Datin Fatini Yaacob...

Nadra Upcoming Film by Ben Sombogaart.

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In 1950, a custody battle over 13-year-old Dutch girl, Bertha Hertogh, turns into a violent clash between East and West. The court case and bloody riots that followed in Singapore shattered the lives of the little Jungle Girl Bertha and all those around her. Twenty-five years on, a Dutch TV show would reignite the story again, exposing a web of lies and deceit that threatens to tear Bertha's life apart all over again.

GenreDrama; Based on true events
LanguageDutch, English, Bahasa Malay/Indonesia
DirectorBen Sombogaart
ScreenwriterSarah Lambert
ProducersSan Fu Maltha, Anton Smit, Christopher Chew
Production CompaniesFu Works, IdtV Film, Monsoon Pictures

p/s: Teater Natrah arahan Erma Fatima kini masih panas di Istana Budaya sehingga 12 Disember 2009!!. Jangan lupa menyaksikan persembahan yang cukup menyentuh perasaan ini ya!!

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