JUST A QUESTION OF LOVE (JUSTE UNE QUESTION D’AMOUR) .. Gay Love Story screened at Annexe Gallery KL.. 7 February 2010!!

PT Foundation & Seksualiti Merdeka present
Queer As Films


Happy New Year, Rainbow Warriors! All of us here at PT Foundation and Seksualiti Merdeka hoped that all managed to survive the new year festivities with a bounty of sweet memories. And if you can’t remember anything because you were having way too much fun, c’est la vie! After taking a one-month break, Queer As Films returns in February to present a romantic drama about coming out and falling in love from France, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

“Just A Question Of Love” follows the whirlwind romance of two young men in different stages of coming out. The film paints a portrait of the difficulties that befall a relationship when one man lives proudly out of the closet, while the other has created a double life to please his parents. Featuring a very talented cast of French actors, with Cyrille Thouvenin and Stephan Guerin Tille in the lead roles, and Eva Darlan and Caroline Veyt, this made-for-TV movie was watched by 6.3 million viewers in France when it was first screened in a prime time slot. In the following two weeks, the network only received three protest letters, while both male stars got more than two thousand letters of praise each. We wonder what unearthly power must have possessed the French to have licked all those stamps...

The film will be screened in its original French with English subtitles. 88mins.


Date: Sun 7 Feb, 2010
Time: 3pm
Venue: The Annexe Gallery, 2nd Flr, Central Market Annexe, KL
Admission: FREE!
Enquiries: 03 4044 4611 (PT Foundation), 03 2070 1137 (The Annexe Gallery)

This is a private event - by invitation only - which will be checked against a register at the door.

Please email to register for this event: queerasfilms@ptfmalaysia.org

Include your name, age, and who you are bringing along, if any.

Please refrain from posting this event on blogs, or anywhere else without permission from the organisers. Thanks!

p/s: Let's go babe!!


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