A truly Malaysian film, TEMUAN TAKDIR by First-time Director and Producer Dhyan Vimal, had its debut screening here at the Biograf Victoria Svenska Bio (Victoria Theatre), on Friday, 20th October. The screening was initiated by Mr & Mrs Maria and Thomas Orbert, Friends to Mankind’s Swedish representatives who attended the Royal Gala Premiere of TEMUAN TAKDIR in Malaysia. They wanted to share this film, which was a ‘Project Dignity’ initiative, with their friends from across Europe and the Americas. In her welcome address, Maria Orbert said, “My husband and I had the great pleasure of attending the Royal Gala in August and we walked out of the theatre speechless, literally. And we had a wish to be able to share this film with our friends back in Sweden.”

The screening was attended by many Swedish friends and family members; and Friends to Mankind representatives from Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. The event was graced by the Director, Dhyan Vimal himself, who was there during his European speaking tour with his wife Geetha.

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